Wednesday, March 05, 2014

December and January art

My December 2013 & January 2014 Art, Journal, & Scrapbook projects!!

I did this from the You Tube tutorial by Einat Kessler.   Love it so much I haven't put it away yet.  It's still in living room.

I bought a Zutter binder with my Christmas bonus from my work and love it.  this is the first of what I hope is many handmade journals/scrapbooks.

I made this over my Christmas break and love it!   took me forever to finish it though.  I had it set out on the kitchen table for about a week before I finally found the stars and swirls at Hobby Lobby.  Again this one is still hanging in my kitchen as well.

Whimsical Houses!   I must try this some more.......

A quick journal page.   Not too exciting.    The red background is a Christmas napkin.  My first attempt at using a napkin.    

I've been buying Washi tape and I really have NO IDEA what to do with it.    So I made some bookmarks.  The white strips are the dividers from a box of tea bags!!

A work in progress.    Not happy with it.   so it sits in my kitchen waiting for something?????

Thursday, January 09, 2014