Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Journal entries!

I enjoyed working in my journal. I love the freedom just to put things on paper and see what it turns out to be!

What have you ever wanted to do? I'm NOT doing the hempe ink!

Sense of Choice. I found this poem in one of the children's books and liked it a whole lot!

Don't you just love a warm bath in the cold of winter? I do!

Just a silly piece. I thought the cow needed it's picture taken and she looked up for it!

A Few New ATC!

I was inspired over the weekend and did some ATC. They are all done with images from old books I've collected over the past several years. The books are falling apart (those are the ones I look for) so I don't really have to take the pages out becuase they are already falling out. I figure I'm giving them NEW life!

This photo was black and white and I wanted to give it a little bit of color. Not sure if it helps or not. Suggestions?

I loved this picture of the Queen of the Fairies. It was black and white like the cat and dog above and I gave it some color. I feel it needs something else but I don't know what yet. Any ideas?