Saturday, January 16, 2016


I have found a new love.    Well I've always loved photography but I've discovered I enjoy taking studio type close up photos of items.   Heritage type photos.   It's quite fun to set up and come up with new ideas.   I'm hoping to do more here soon.  

These two photos were taken using a tray I bought at a flea market.   I've used my mothers things in the photos. 

This photo has my compact.   My murders necklace.  My Civil War jewelry.   My fan.  A perfume bottle and a hand mirror.  I used a photo editor to make some changes to the photo.   

This photo of the tray has many of my mothers things.  Her compact.  Her necklace.   My cross necklace.  Mary charms.  The ring pictures my dad.   I love the angel watching over me.  They are my angels.  

This one is of my bear Blue.  I've had him since I was three.   The rocking chair is mine as well.   Again used a photo editor to make some changes.     

Civil War Scrapbook Pages

Below are my scrapbook pages for the Civil War reenactments we have attended over the past few years.    I have started with a cover page and then for each reenactment and battle field we have visited I have also made a title page.   

My husband Paul and I at our first reenactment as reenactors in full period clothes.  Cedar Creek 2013.   I just used scrapbook paper I had in my stash, stickers, die cuts, and the pink flowers I bought for the page to match my dress.

Just me in my period dress.      I used stamps, die cuts I purchased and just scrapbook paper I had available. 

My husband Paul in his new Period outfit.   Cedar Creek 2015.  I love this page.  I still need a title.

Me and my five Generals.   General Grant, General Jackson, General AP Hill, General Longstreet, and General Lee.   I love the mix of scrapbook paper and washi tape I used.  

These are the first pages did for the scrapbook album.   Die cuts were purchased at Forevermore Scrapbook store in Gettysburg PA.

Antietam 2012.   Clara Barton.    My thoughts behind this page was to do something old fashioned and elegant but period as well.   The background paper reminds me of a mattress.   The flowers were bought.   the letters where from my stash.  

Antietam 2012.  Our first battle reenactment.   We got bit by the bug at this one and it's been lots of fun to meet the people involved.

Showing one of my Battle title pages.   I bought a dozen pieces of that paper and then added the words, stars, etc myself.

A favorites page of Mr Getty as President Lincoln.   2014.  Mr. Getty passed away summer of 2015.

General Longstreet.   2014

I wanted to show the beautiful horses.    and I loved the quote I added.   a favorite page.

Photo at Cedar Creek 2015.   not much needs to be said.  

These photos were just awesome and needed their own page. 

These are the faces of the reenactors.   Takes you back in time.

And camp.    Lots of camp photos so more pages to come.

With these pages I used post cards, die cuts, and stickers.   The post cards fill in the page and add more to them.   I do have a Manassas title page.    

All photos taken by either myself or my husband.   

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Finding my way back to what I love.......

Finding myself attempting to get back to my roots.  To what I love.   And that is paper.   Paper crafts.   Scrapbooking.   Journaling.   Collage.    Tonight I got out a homemade journal I started last year.    I added a bit to the cover and then got out a file folder with pages is torn from magazines.   Just the process of going through those pages and cutting out pictures made my heart sing.