Thursday, March 29, 2007

My first 1" squares

I've enjoyed visiting Lia's 1" square site and decided I would try my hand at making a few and here they are. What do you think? Take a trip to Lia's two sites listed at the right and see what she has done. You'll like what you see. She is very inspiring! Thanks Lia! Ann

New Collages

Here are two new collages I did over the weekend. The images are all from 3 Southern Living Magazines background included. Ann

I liked this picture of the beach. I'm not much of a beach person but it made me feel warm and cozy. Then I thought what if it rained at the beach? Maybe it would rain flowers! The little girl running made me think of my own daughters. Sara loves the beach!

This collage is titled Pretty Angels. I liked the idea of cutting out the windows and putting my own background. Then I found the pictures of the little girl and the dogs and felt they all need a place to stay. Can you find the little faries?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Some more Garden Journal Pages!

Here are a few more pages.

This rose was in my neighbor Helen's front yard. She was the best neighbor anyone could wish for. We lived beside her for 20 years. She is gone now but is fondly remembered through her flowers. I took this picture at 9am one morning on my way to work.

I took this picture at 5:30 pm on the same day. Beautiful!

This field of sunflowers is located in Washington County Maryland.

This photo is of my backyard in June of 2006. I love this paper that I used for the background and the letters.

The backyard in September of 2006. The same paper and letters were used.

My Garden Journal!

Here are a few pages from My Garden Journal I started last summer. I've been trying to finish it so I can move on to some new projects.

This first picture is the cover of my garden journal. I found this journal at our local Olie's discount store and knew I had to have it. Nothing needed done to the cover. It was perfect just as it was! I love this verse from the Bible.

My first page in the journal.

These morning glory flowers are so beautiful. They grow on the fence between our neighbors house and make the yard lovely.

The verses and poems on the pages came from a book just for this purpose. It is filled with borders and sayings to use in scrapbooks and journals.

Monday, March 05, 2007