Saturday, January 16, 2016


I have found a new love.    Well I've always loved photography but I've discovered I enjoy taking studio type close up photos of items.   Heritage type photos.   It's quite fun to set up and come up with new ideas.   I'm hoping to do more here soon.  

These two photos were taken using a tray I bought at a flea market.   I've used my mothers things in the photos. 

This photo has my compact.   My murders necklace.  My Civil War jewelry.   My fan.  A perfume bottle and a hand mirror.  I used a photo editor to make some changes to the photo.   

This photo of the tray has many of my mothers things.  Her compact.  Her necklace.   My cross necklace.  Mary charms.  The ring pictures my dad.   I love the angel watching over me.  They are my angels.  

This one is of my bear Blue.  I've had him since I was three.   The rocking chair is mine as well.   Again used a photo editor to make some changes.     

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